CAVE And ELLIS – Another Magnific Piece For Upcoming French Nature Documentary

New striking strokes

15 December 2021

Last summer NICK CAVE and Bad Seed buddy WARREN ELLIS bewitched
me with one of this year’s best LPs with the astonishing CARNAGE album.

And they’re not done yet. The duo releases the soundtrack they wrote for
the French nature documentary La Panthère Des Neiges (The Snow Leopard)
on 17 December.

Warren Ellis about the making of: “The film deserved to have its own musical voice.
I booked five days and asked Nick if he could come in for a day to write a theme song
and play some piano. He saw the film and stayed for four days. In the end we made
what I think is one of the most beautiful films we have ever worked on. The stars are
the animals in all their wild glory, as we have never seen them before, and man
in reverence and wonder.”

The trailer

Last month we got a first song, the beatific piano ballad We Are Not Alone
and here’s another magnific piece called Les Cerfs (The Deer).

NICK CAVE: Facebook

(Image on top: cover of their ‘White Lunar’ album)

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