SHANE MACGOWAN Announces Art Photo Book

25 December 2021

First things first: Happy 64, Xmas child. MacGowan was born
on 25 December 1957 in Pembury, Kent, England, son of Irish

And now about the upcoming art book titled
The Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold.

Out: April 2022. Limited edition,
only 1000 copies.Order info here.

Content: From the man who brought forth such musical masterpieces as
Fairytale Of New York, Streams of Whiskey and A Pair of Brown Eyes, this
limited edition art folio book presents a complete psychedelic collection of
never-before-seen or published illustrations, drawings, lyrics, stories, snippets
and secretions from the pen of Shane, dating back to his childhood, and
journeying through six decades of punk and Irish revelry.

Shane: “I was always into drawing and painting, and I used to do
all sorts of things, hurlers, IRA men, teenage punks hanging around
in cafes, you name it. When I was about 11 or 12 I got heavily into
studying history of art and looking at old paintings and modern
paintings, I knew a lot about art. It’s one of the only O Levels
I got, was in art.

I like pastels but I don’t really think about it. I’ll paint or draw on anything,
with anything. I like more or less everyone from Fra Angelico and Giotto to
the latest, like Caravaggio was the last of the Renaissance, before it went
into Expressionism. I love Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, Manet.

I love the Irish impressionists, Lavery, Jack B Yeats, Brendan Fitzpatrick.
The 20th-century impressionists who painted the period of Ireland fighting
for its freedom. I like Max Ernst, the surrealists, Dali, Chagall… God there’s
millions of them.”


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