Best Reissue Of 2021 – ULTRASOUND With Their Stunning Debut Album ‘EVERY PICTURE’

27 December 2021

Who: Emotive British glam-prog rockers
Active: 1997–99, 2010–present / 3 studio albums


Last September the band’s double debut album, released
originally in 1999, was reissued as an extensive deluxe edition
via One Little Independent Records.

The boxset features the original double album, an extra two records
featuring a variety of B-sides and singles, and a CD of live and session
tracks. As well, a 26-page booklet and a poster will be included.

Order info here.

AllMusic wrote back then: “The musical and emotional collapses are so moving, so
stirring, that it sounds like the pessimistic turn to just about every soaring, triumphant
song ever found on the planet. This reason alone serves as a singular, important experience.
So while you might feel like that poor local weatherman in a yellow slicker getting pelted when you listen to this album, by the time the final track fades out you realize it was worth every
last, sonic droplet.”
Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

Andrew Wood (frontman): “Everything Picture was made with future generations in mind.
So it is so appropriate that it should be re-issued, in a more complete form, to be discovered and re-discovered in future times. We were aware that the post-Britpop presence of the early millennium might not “get” it. Many did, and many more grew and developed with it as it grew and developed a life of its own”.

Turn Up The Volume: Frontman Andrew Wood‘s passion, dedication, vulnerability and romantic candidness translated into a captivating vortex of psychedelic post-punk waves overwhelmed me back then and revisiting it now still generates shiverings going down my spine. It’s never too late to find a lost classic, people. You’ll file this one between your Mogwai and your Crippled Black Phoenix LPs.

New video for highlight Aire & Calder

The brilliant single Stay Young
(Flabbergasting live version)

Stream/buy deluxe edition
of ‘Everything Picture’ here…

ULTRASOUND: Facebook – Interview with TUTV

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