LOGAN SPACEMAN – Belgian Singer-Songwriter Shines On Brand New EP ‘LOGAN’S JOURNEY’

27 December 2021

LOGAN SPACEMAN is the alter-ego of Belgian singer-songwriter SIMON DEWAELE.
The daydreamer has a new EP out, titled LOGAN’S JOURNEY. It took only a couple
of spins to fall in love with this extended introspective play.

Its overall atmosphere is intimate, mesmeric, and soothing. It feels like our spaceman
had Xmas diner with the whispering ghost of Leonard Cohen (Early Morning), The National‘s vox Matt Berninger (Now I Know), Bonnie Prince Billy (Hand It To The Man) and Chris Isaak (Down We Go). I know, all big names, but that’s what my ears tell me.

Who better than the author himself can be
our guide – song by song – on his journey.
Here we go…


“Continuing my search for simplicity I finished “Early morning”, a song which spontaneously flowed out of my fingers listening to Kurt Vile, John Prine & Mississippi John Hurt. Great examples of beautiful music that doesn’t comply to the verse/chorus/bridge structure in a lot
of their songs. It was a revelation for me that these songs I loved so much were basically three or four chords. I was relieved of this stress to find all the “necessary” ingredients before I could officially finish a song. These songs breathe much more naturally than a lot of mainstream pop productions.”



“I feel like finishing this song started some kind of journey for me, a dive into simplicity. It feels like a starting point and I’m excited to improve my skills in the essence of songwriting, focussing on simplicity and catchiness, learning how to make more with less. Now I know is about that comfortable feeling of being part of a bigger picture.”


“I think it’s about a person previously absorbed in his own thoughts about his place
in the world, now starting to reflect on other people’s way of thinking and how all of
these interactions have a permanent impact, shaping your future thoughts no matter
if it’s based on agreement or disagreement.”


“This is the oldest idea of all four, I’ve been playing this acoustic guitar part for more than 10 years now… I loved the vibe, it always made me envision some kind of western movie scene playing this. I decided to take it up a notch and add an intro that’s on the verge of being cowboy clichĂ©. As far as the lyrics go, this might seem the gloomiest
song of the 4, with a rather harsh: NATURE GOOD/ HUMAN BAD mood.”

Full EP on Spotify


A spaceman at work

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