THE NEW SEEKERS Teached The World To Buy A Coke 50 Years Ago Today… And Inspired OASIS

Top singles from the past

8 January 2022

Who: British pop 4-piece from London, formed in 1969.
After their break-up in 1974, leader Keith Potger restarted
two years later with a new group called The Seekers.

Song: I’D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING (In Perfect Harmony)

It became a worldwide hit than after it was the theme song of
a Coca Cola TV ad. It originally included the line, ‘I’d like to buy
the world a Coke.’

Score: 50 years ago today, 8 Jan 1972,
the song topped the UK singles chart.

C’mon, all together…

The song inspired Noel Gallagher for
OASIS‘ 2nd single SHAKERMAKER (1994)…


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