Remix Your 2022 With KAT FIVE And MISLED CONVOY

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 January 2022

(Photo by Lara Bowen)

Who: An electronic dub wizard and
half of dance pair Feral Five (London)

About a year ago this technotronic duo released
collaborative single Apply The Pressure.

Turn Up The Volume said back then: “Apply The Pressure resonates like the missing link between two vibrating hallucinations, Massive Attack‘s Teardrop and Leftfield‘s Original. Spacey, outlandish and far-out. Like a new theme song for science-fiction classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Michael Hodgson AKA Misled Convoy creates a flying saucer vibe and Kat Five‘s futuristic thoughts and prophetic words of change reinforce the puzzling and obscure experience.”

Following the pressure of many requests to remix the original, the pair applied to
the like-minded artists’ calls and here’s the result. “A variety of genres including a vibey breakbeat and dance remix from a Berlin-based remixer South London HiFi, and also
a great drum and bass remix from a female artist from New Zealand called Unsub (@lilyunsub).”
says Kat.

For all those who are still dancing to celebrate the start of
a, hopefully, ‘clubs open’ 2022, here’s new fervent fuel to
keep your 24-hour parties going.

Anything you need to chill out, to freak out, to jungle out,
to space out and to cool out is just one click away, dance junks…

KAT FIVE: Instagram

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