Kicks And Thrills With Canadian Gunslingers PACIFIC ESTATE – Listen To New Single ‘MILLENNIAL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 January 2022

Who: Formed in 2013 by a few bright-eyed high school kids.
They naturally evolved into one of Ontario’s premier up and
coming indie rock acts.

New single: MILLENINAL

“We’re in our mid-twenties and somehow we’re responsible for the climate
going to shit, the economy crashing, and everything else that’s wrong with
the world. And on top of that, the people that tell us the most are our own

Turn Up The Volume: You’ll experience kicks and thrills when the fist-pumping let’s go chorus, spiced with Mexican-sounding trumpets, pops up. These gunslingers, know how
to rock, these gunslingers know how to roll. Ablaze guitar electricity and stimulating sing-along vitality invite all you millennials out there to take care of the future while jumping around like a kangaroo to this belter. Get up, stand up and act.

Right here, right now…


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