ARAB STRAP Plan 7″ Single For March Release – Hear The A-Side ‘APHELION’ Here

Band: ARAB STRAP (Scotland)
Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton
Active: 1995–2006, 2011, 2016–present
7 studio albums so far.

Last year the Scots scored with their excellent album
As Days Get Dark. And now they announced a new
limited edition 7”, out on 4th March, featuring two
tracks Aphelion and ‘Flutter.

Moffatt: “These two songs were written, recorded and mixed during
the sessions for As Days Get Dark but as much as we loved them, we
couldn’t find a place for them on the final album. Maybe it’s because
they seem to have their own distinct identities, but sometimes a song
just sounds better on its own, when it’s not part of a crowd and vying
for attention. So, to celebrate the anniversary of the album’s release,
we present ‘As Days Get Dark”s two runaway loners; a couple of black
sheep who might not click with the rest of the family but, even though
they aren’t very happy, are still worth a cuddle.”

Hear the moody Aphelion here.

ARAB STRAP: Facebook

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