Electronic Extravaganza With MECHANIMAL And Friends On New Album ‘LIVING WITH ANIMAL GHOSTS’

26 January 2022

(Press photo – capture by BB)

Who: A modular band from Athens – Greece, an industrial project, a
unique collective of musicians and video artists, recording in various
permutations and staying true to the original roots of post-punk


To celebrate their 10th birthday (with 5 studio albums on their shelves)
Mechanimal invited friends to remix their beloved M track.

Mechanimal: “We thought it would be interesting to ask our friends or fellow
artists to choose their favorite Mechanimal song and remix it, edit it, or do as
they wished, according to their own sound and style. We provided the raw material
to them and each gave us back a new song, for Mechanimal’s 6th album. For us,
it’s an honor, as well as extremely touching, for musicians to open a dialogue
through our music with their music.”


Dans Mon Salon
Psychedelic Trips To Death
Jared Kyle
Lia Hide
Christoph Kardek
Rodney Orpheus
Q-7 Three Times
Digital Alkemist
Ilias Katelanos
Lego Boy
Meat Injection
Dipa Brother’s 4-Ton Dynamite Skank

Turn Up The Volume: Ambient soundscapes, industrial drones, darkwave disco,
electro-pop sparks, dub ska, techno trips, soul thrills, some fab vocalists and much
more is what you get here to have a (safe) private party. 18 tracks, almost one hour
and a half of stimulating synth sensation to get lost in, electronic ecstasy to shake
your booty to.

Empty your mind, ignore the pandemic shit for a while, activate your
ears, move your furniture, and start jumping around your living room
to this avalanche of vitalizing beats.

Right here, right now…

MECHANIMAL: Facebook – Buy the album via Bandcamp

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