Sickly Sticky Electro Pop With MELTED WINGS And New Alarming Track ‘WORTHLESS SOULS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28 January 2022

Who: The musical vehicle for
artist Michael Wynn out of Toronto, Ontario.


Piece from new upcoming album Cheer For The Deer on 6th April is
a partial concept album that introduces synths and sparse guitar work
along with themes of acceptance and rooting for the underdog.

“A track that calls out how sexism and power corrupt all levels of society.
We all need to recognize this going forward and make sure that it doesn’t
go unchecked.”

Turn Up The Volume: The sickly sticky synth beat comes across
like an invitation for my feet to kick the asses of vicious sexists and
power-horny billionaires ruining people’s lives. Middle finger to them
while spinning around mad as a hatter to this bang-on electro buzz.
Trust me, you’ll feel much better afterward.

Make your move here…


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