Florida Gunslingers NOISEHEADS Bluster On Their New Clamoring Corker ‘BIG MONEY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 February 2022

Who: Muscly rock trio from Pensacola, Florida

New single: BIG MONEY
Recorded by Steve Albini for
their upcoming, third album.

Turn Up The Volume: The chanting catchiness of Weezer,
the big fun fervidness of Blink 182 and the steamrollin’ swagger
of The Offspring. Guitar rock is not dead! Well, as long as grueling
gunslingers like these pick up guitars, find a battering drummer,
and play their butts off.

Big Money is a clamoring corker that never looks back. A rager according
to their noise expert/producer Steve Albini. Unlimited decibels, a hefty
chorus and a schizophrenic saxophone cause a filthy furor. Get the loud
picture? I repeat: guitar rock is not dead.

“There’s no such thing as moderation. Overkill is just sedation.”

Damn right…

NOISEHEADS: Instagram – Twitter

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