2 February 2022

Singer-songwriter GRAHAM NASH (also a published photographer) was born in
Blackpool, UK on 2 February 1972, 80 years ago. The golden voice had his greatest successes as a member of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. But the first time he
came in the picture was with the British ith pop group THE HOLLIES (1963-1968).

After he left the band he moved to Los Angeles. In 1968 CSN started a long and triumphant journey with the masterpiece 1970 Déja Vu (with Neil Young as fourth
member) as their most famous work. During that era and afterward Nash
made several solo LPs.

After his first marriage broke up he had a love/hate relationship with legendary folk songstress Joni Mitchell. Nash wrote Our House on piano, in an hour, at their love
nest, in Hollywood Hills, LA. He’s still active as a solo artist. His most recent longplayer
This Path Tonight came out in 2016. Next month the legend starts a new tour.

Three big Graham Nash moments…

(With The Hollies – 1967)

(On Déja Vu – 1970)

(His debut solo single – 1970)

GRAHAM NASH: Discography – Facebook

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