A Tower Of A Song – Toronto Rockers Impress With Their New Stellar Single ‘THIS COST OF LIFE’

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3 February 2022

Who: Toronto-based art-rock band featuring
an eclectic group of six musicians.


“After the release of our EP last year, we wanted to create a bold song with lots of layers
to open our show up and create more intensity. The result is “This Cost of Life,” which captures the melancholy and regret of a breakup, the pain of a relationship ending, but to truly live you need to experience these lows. It makes the highs oh so much higher and therefore is truly a cost of living your life, one that we must all feel from time to time. This song reaches out with open arms to invite a new period in. “

Turn Up The Volume: Oh my, oh my. This sky-reaching gem left me out of breath after just one spin. A tower of a song with an imposing impact. A masterstroke that explodes after the foreplay-intro and moves up and down like a roller coaster. Stellar tune, stellar sound, stellar guitars, stellar emotions, and a stellar chorus.

Anthemically orchestrated with goosebumps arrangments. I’m quite sure their awesome fellowmen Arcade Fire would like this grand performance. In a normal world, this should
be a massive hit. Oh my, oh my.

Start clapping your hands here…

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