Amazing Artwork! Cover Of Upcoming Third Album By Spanish Flamenco R&B Artist ROSALÍA

For your eyes only

Who: Highly successful R&B flamenco
singer-songwriter Rosalía Vila Tobella
born 30 years ago in Spain.

Artwork: Cover of her third album MOTOMAMI.
Out on 18 March via Columbia Records.

Here’s the sultry and exotic lead single SAOKO.

Yo soy muy mía, yo me transformo
Una mariposa, yo me transformo
Makeup de drag queen, yo me transformo
Lluvia de estrеlla’, yo me transformo
Pasá’ de vuelta, yo mе transformo
Como Sex Siren, yo me transformo
Me contradigo, yo me transformo
Soy to’a’ la’ cosa’, yo me transform

ROSALÍA: Website

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