For Metal And Hardcore Fans – New BIG TAKEOVER FESTIVAL In Richmond

The planned 2020 edition of Richmond‘s hardcore festival United Blood
was canceled due to the pandemic and it looks like it will not return at all.

But Mutually Assured Destruction/Sentinel frontman Ace Stallings (one of United Blood‘s bookers) has teamed up with Triple B Records to put on a new 2-day Richmond hardcore festival, baptized Big Takeover on May 20 and 21 with a series of fmaous and less famous noise bands like Genocide Pact, No/Mas, Mutually Assured Destruction, Restraining Order, Nosebleed, C4, Terrorizer, Mindforce, Division of Mind, Dead Heat, High Command, Downfall, Spy, C4, Final Gasp, Vomit Forth.

Info tickets: here

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