LOBSTERBOMB – New Clamorous Cracker By The Screaming Punk Rock Trio Makes SENSE

Daily electricity to load your batteries

12 February 2022

Who: Loud trio from Berlin formed in
a basement in 2020 featuring. Nico Rosch,
Vik Chi and Crayon Jones.

New single: SENSE
First new music after their smashing
debut EP Go! Go! Go!.

“Sense is about living in a way that seems chaotic to others but makes sense
to you. It deals with the idea of finding the balance between functioning in daily
life and maintaining a sense of self when medications subdue the strength of your
emotions. When you need to release your frustrations and just want to scream.”

Turn Up The Volume: Too many mind-crushing pandemic demons?
Do what this German punk rock turbo does: scream your lungs out,
jump around like a kangaroo on dope and ignore our messed-up reality
for, at least, 143 blistering seconds.

Sense detonates like a Bikini Kill flare-up, reminds me also of
B-52‘s early madness and turns midway into a rushing rapids
with multi-voiced shouting. Holy kamoly!

Go! Go! Go!
Right here, right now…

LOBSTERBOMB: Facebook – Go! Go! Go!

(Photo received via Lobesterbomb)

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