Rap Punk Poets Ho99o9 (Horror) Unleash New Slam ‘NUGE SNIGHT’ From Upcoming Album

New striking strokes

13 February 2022

Band: Ho99o9
Who: Badass rapping poet punks
based in Los Angeles.

Active: Since 2012 / So far they only released one
album United States Of Horror released in 2017,
but several EPs and mixtapes.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

New album: SKIN
Out: 11 March 2022

The duo’s Yeti Bones told Kerrang: “This is just something that hasn’t
been done before. I think it’s just going to be monumental. It’s just always
forward-thinking, staying 10 steps ahead of the game musically and mentally
with what we’re doing and how we do it, and how we put everything out on
the table. This album has to stand the test of time.”

It features Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Bun B, Saul Williams
and Jasiah
, and was produced by Travis Barker.

New single: NUGE SNIGHT
After the hefty hammer blow
Battery Not Included
comes this new smash.

Nuge Snight moves in slo-mo, like a bad-ass
bulldozer on a destructive mission. Nasty slam!

Ho99o9 (Horror): Facebook – Website

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