DISORIENTATIONS – Schizophrenic Turbulence And Other Unknown Pleasures For Your Ears

19 February 2022

Who: Trio of hard-hitting noiseniks
out of Antwerp, Belgium

Debut album: MEMORY LANES
Released: 4 February 2022 – order info here

PIAS (label): “‘Memory Lanes’ is a sharp and well-knit attack on the senses.
The 10 songs never outstay their welcome and have enough hooks and
melodic twist to keep your ears wanting more.”

(photo by Kris J.Y. Verdonck)

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine the schizophrenic buzz of Hüsker Dü, the pitch-black turbulence of Joy Division, and the epicness of White Lies. Sounds pretty audacious, right? You bet. This bustling trio’s combination of flipped-out guitar disturbance, fanatic bass flamboyance, merciless Dave Grohl drums and totally turned-on vocals turns their debut longplayer into a must-hear raw power triumph. Unknow Joy Division pleasures for your ears.

Singles/clips: Don’t / Watching You Go / Allied

– DON’T –



Stream/buy album here…

DISORIENTATIONS: Facebook – Instagram

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