22 February 2022

Last week legendary all-around artist and John Lennon‘s famous
widow YOKO ONO celebrated her 89th birthday (18 February).

Over the years she received lots of critical praise on a regular basis (not followed by big commercial success) for her musical exploits (14 solo albums, 8 with Lennon). To celebrate her birthday several famous artists (David Byrne, Sharon Van Etten, Death Cab For Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, and more) paid tribute to Yoko with an album of mesmerizing covers of songs of her, called Ocean Child: Songs Of Yoko Ono.

To my ears, the highlight of the record is David Byrne and Yo La Tengo joining forces for a wonderful rendition of Who Has Seen The Wind. A song recorded in 1970 and the B-side of Lennon‘s hit Instant Karma.

Hear the thing of beauty here…

Original Yoko version…

YOKO ONO: Discography – Instagram

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