Irish Engine NIXER Hit Bullseye With Riff-Rotating Knockout ‘OUTSIDER’

New striking strokes

23 February 2022

Who: Energizing indie duo from Dublin, Ireland. It began as
a conversation online between two friends at the beginning
of the global pandemic. What seemed like an ordinary catch-up
back in April 2020, turned into something very exciting.

Out: May 2022 through Blowtorch Records

New track: OUTSIDER
Second release from the upcoming EP

“‘Outsider welcomes, or unwelcomes, two characters to the narrative.
The song deals with isolation and the feeling of being unwanted but
from the perspective of the empathetic observer. The track opens with
discrete chatter about these ‘other’ people, but as the track develops we
learn that the song is about worry and concern for others, rather than
the exclusion of them.”

Turn Up The Volume: It’s pretty crowdy at the start of this instant
knockout and pretty awesome when a recklessly rotating riff blasts
out of your quavering stereo and races like a supersonic bolide towards
the glowing guitar outro. Synths infiltrate here and there to augment the
dance vibration of this Krautlike flare-up to an irresistible level. Warning:
your head will spin 360° like Linda Blair‘s in The Excorcist.

Now, get together all you in/out-siders
and start to jump around, united.

People are so hard to read
People are so hard to read
Outsider sympathiser
People are so hard to read
People are so hard to read
Outsider sympathiser

Also on Spotify

NIXER: Facebook

Artwork tattooed by Alanis Kerr
Artwork photographed by Nicholas O’Donnell
London, December 2021

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