THE AFGHAN WHIGS Return With Adrenalized Steamroller ‘I’LL MAKE YOU SEE GOD’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

23 February 2022

The by now legendary passion rockers THE AFGHAN WHIGS from Cincinnati, Ohio
with mastermind GREG DULLI in the middle are back from never been away, although
it’s 5 years since last album In Spades made my ears shake.

New single I’ll MAKE YOU SEE GOD is a striking steamroller, a red-hot-heated ripsnorter, an unstoppable cannonball going everywhere fast. Manic blitzkrieg guitars working their way to an explosive finish, ruthless drum/bass attack with merciless force, and Greg Dulli‘s avid vox add a rush of blood vocality. This slam dunk will feature in the upcoming PlayStation game Gran Turismo 7.

Dulli: “That’s one of the hardest rock songs we’ve ever done.
It was written and performed on sheer adrenalin.”

See God here…

On the road…


(photo Afghan Whigs received via PR AW)

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