MELTED WINGS – Funky Pop Thrill With MELTED WINGS And Real Life Single ‘THE FIRE INSIDE’

New striking strokes

24 February 2022

Who: The musical vehicle for artist
Michael Wynn out of Toronto, Ontario.

The third shared piece from the upcoming album,
entitled ‘Cheer for the Deer’, out on April 6th.

“A track that looks at the absurdity of life, with the title referring to the life force/passion that exists in all of us. The verse and chorus contrast the seriousness of worldwide disasters/wars to the ineptitude of informal social chats and other meaningless small-talk & social gatherings.”

Turn Up The Volume: The Fire Inside is a funky electro-pop thrill awakening your
lazy limbs from the titillating intro to the infectious chorus, energized with jangly guitar sparks, and back again. It’s about all of us who experience reality as frightening – fuck you Putin! – while chit-chatting about nonsensical things. The story of our lives in a messed-up world.

“I’m going to tell you about my heartache
I’m going to tell you about my loves
I’m going to tell you little baby
I’m going to free some doves
I want to tell you about my hurry

I’m going to tell you about my signs”

Buy/stream here…

Visual on YouTube..


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