London Trio LYENA Strom On Brand New Sharp-Guitar-Cutting Slam ‘BOYS TOYS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 February 2022

Who: Indie rock trio from London

New single: BOYS TOYS

Omar Mack (vocalist): “The main idea for this track was about the ongoing battle for control currently happening in the UK. It’s about the back-and-forth blame game that happens so often in politics and trickles down to society in an unhealthy way. For ‘Boys Toys’ we really wanted to strip everything back and just focus on a few big hooks. Where we’d usually layer tracks and grow upwards, we tried the opposite and worked from the top down.”

Turn Up The Volume: These young bad-ass wolves attack, rightly so, power-horny politicians of their native Brexit country. And we all should do too with all narcissistic nitwits wherever we live. With Boys Toys the trio makes their point, loud and clear. It’s a sharp-guitar-cutting torpedo going full tilt, no brakes, no looking back until the abrupt end. In between you can shout along with the band to the sizzling chorus. A wild whack! Scream and shout!

Press play and go bonkers…

LYENA: Facebook – Instagram

(Photo via press release mail)

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