‘SEX MAGIK’ – Another Thrilling BLOC PARTY Piece From Their Upcoming Album

New striking strokes

27 February 2022

(photo by Wunmi Onibudo)

Who: London post-punk
unit led by Kele Okereke
Active: Since 1999 / 6 studio albums, with
Hymns (2016) as the most recent one

New album: ALPHA GAMES
Release: 29 April 2022 via BMG

Okereke: “Alpha Games was conceived on the road,
playing in front of amazing crowds on our last tour
and then brought to life with the fire and the frustrations
of 2020.”

New single: SEX MAGIK
After Traps and The Girls Are Fighting
the third piece of the forthcoming album.

Another thrilling cut that promises
– with what we heard so far –
a new thrilling longplayer…

BLOC PARTY: Facebook

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