SUPERCHUNK – Growing Older With Vitalizing Power Pop Tunes On Their New Album ‘WILD LONENILISS’

27 February 2022

Who: Indie rockers from North Carolina
Active: 1989-present / 11 LPs

Out: 25 February 2022
Order info: here

(Photo: Brett Villena – via Merge Records)

Mojo says: “For all Wild Loneliness’s concerns about our ailing world,
it’s unmistakably a tonic. It’s also a life-affirming thank-you note for
what we have left.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Tune after tune after tune. Not one dull one.
Sounds like they have been together for 13 years, instead of 33. Wild
is a prizewinner, a mood booster, an aural triumph. The band
grows older with the refreshing vitality of a young group. Right on!

TUTV‘s favorite track: Set It Aside

Stream/buy Wild Loneliness here…

SUPERCHUNK: All Albums – Website – Spotify

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