VIOLET NOX Produce Vibes For Your Holidays In Space Where The Moon Shines

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 February 2022


Who: Electronic-experimental, dark ambient, sonic
cosmic drone collaborative collective from Boston, MA

New track: MOONSHINE
Actually a remix of a track from their 2020 EP Future Fast.
It’s British indie-electro duo The Deckadent Movement that
signed for the sonic revision.

Great Moonshine artwork

If you plan to spend your summer holidays in space you should take
Violet Nox music along in your rocket ship. They produce cinematic,
mind-relaxing, sky-reaching, and at times hallucinatory and obscure
symphonies with a tranquilizing quality. Just what you need while
watching the stars.

Shine on you crazy moon diamond…

Original version…

More Violet Nox vibes on Spotify

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