Bristol Misfits LICE Brought Their Wasteland To Belgium

Alice and kicking reviews

3 March 2022

Band: LICE
Who: Bristol’s post-punk misfits
Album: WASTELAND: What Ails our People Is Clear – debut LP

(according to ùy mind)

After trying to make sense out of the lyrics of all Wasteland songs and after trying to
make sense out of an interview – that read like a Dostojevski book – frontman Alistair Shuttleworth had with Louder Than War I had a what-the-fuck is going on nightmare.

I saw Mad Max crossing the warfare remains of a wasted place called Earth with his cool Stanley Kubrick space car while watching The Return Of The Living Dead on a giant iPad in the sky. To be honest, one of my best nightmares in months, although I had another paranoid day-after and I still don’t what sort of visuals dominate this band’s mind.

(to my ears)

Let me make this easy for you. Ever heard of the post-Brexshit-punk rebirth with bloodhounds such as Yard Act, Crows, Ditz, Life, Black Midi and Black Country New Road?
If you did, you know what to expect (approximately). If not, imagine sharp barbs of frustration resonating like the previously unreleased soundtrack to a Sodom and

Something like this…

LIVE impressions:
(to my eyes and ears)

A 45-minute Sturm und Drang exhibition, showcasing a great part of their amazeballs debut LP and a couple of new nail biters. Alistair Shuttleworth, the man in the middle looks like the son of Babybird‘s Stephen Jones, barks and howls like a Mark E. Smith wolf on speed and waves his arms like a ballerina who greets her audience before starting to pirouette.

Explosive stuff with screeching guitars and DIY synths noises and when the bass
player moves upfront it’s bloody the roof goes off. I wanna see them again, asap.

Something like this…

Buy your own wasteland here…

For one night only in Antwerp

(all live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

LICE: Facebook

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