Funky Manchester Duo CAULBEARERS Entice With Their New Riveting Single ‘TWISTED CORD’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 March 2022

26 February 2022

Who: Inventive duo from Manchester bringing
us archaic funk fables and soul migrations.

FFO: Massive Attack, Sufjan Stevens, Moby, Djo, Cinematic
Orchestra, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, A Certain Ratio

New single: TWISTED CORD

“The lyrics for ‘Twisted Cord’ explore how intense events in our lives can
act like initiations by shaking up, radically changing and enriching our
perspectives. Sometimes we need to break down or be broken apart, in
order to come back together stronger and with greater understanding.
The healing of our wounds over time can transform into wisdom, bringing
more colour, depth and detail to the tapestry of our lives.”

Turn Up The Volume: A Sly and The Family Stone-like intro, some
Freak Le Chic guitar sparks here and there, and violins and synths also
joining the party at times. Three different sonic vibrations but seamlessly
embedded in a riveting pop tune with captivating vocality.

Stream/buy Twisted Cord here…


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