All Proceeds For Her Suffering Ukrainian Countrymen – Artist 6TH CROWD Releases Electro Vibe ‘SOKOLOKO’

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10 March 2022

Artist: 6TH CROWD
Who: The musical project of Ukrainian singer-songwriter
Dari Maksymova who lives safely now in Ireland

FFO: Gwenno, CHVRCHES, Grimes, Jane Weaver,
Purity Ring, Austra, Zapaska

New Single: SOKOLONKO (Соколонько)
First piece from her upcoming LP

Dari Maksymova: “This is a Ukrainian song from Donbas, my dear home region,
which Russia is tearing apart right now. I didn’t know if I’d have a chance to do it later.
In my research, as I learned more about folk Ukrainian music, I noticed that modern
culture has plenty of references to music from western and central parts of my country,
but nothing from the east. Nothing from my home. Culturally it simply didn’t exist. So
I decided I wanted to change that balance and bring songs from East Ukraine back to
life, to remind myself and everyone that Donbas is a historical part of Ukraine, no
matter how badly Putin wants to destroy it.

Before people had Spotify, they sang to themselves – while working in fields, while fighting, getting married… they sang all the time. Those songs passed from one to another, along with very important information about people. What language they spoke, what they believed, what they hoped, who their heroes were. Songs from people are also songs about people.

The single’s artwork

Sokoloko is a moony electro vibe with a sparkling flow, sung partly in English,
partly in the Ukrainian language. An ambient feel-good melody with a deep
bass beat and a calming effect.

Buy this pure Ukrainian pearl via Bandcamp or Apple Music to help
VOSTOK SOS – a non-governmental organization giving comprehensive
assistance to conflict-affected persons and IDPs, promoting democratic
transformation and human rights values in Ukraine – so they can raise
funds to help the victims and their families of the cruel war.

6TH CROWD: Facebook – Instagram

Lyrics: the Ukrainian people
Arrangement, performance, recording & mixing: 6TH CROWD
Mastering: Alexander Pavlenko (Sunchase)
Photography by Daria Kulnin

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