Boston Duo EX-HYENA Muse On Their New Electro Trip ‘SIGHT UNSEEN’

New striking strokes

12 March 2022

Band: EX-HYENA (Boston, MA)

Who: The musical project of Bo Barringer and Reuben Bettsak
crafting the sound of an emerging dystopia, a sort of fantasy
land that existed along the margins of reality and within the
confines of the imagination. A very short time later, their music
is simply the sound of our enclosed reality.

New single: SIGHT UNSEEN
Cut from their sophomore album
Moon Reflections’ out June 24

Betts: “‘Sight Unseen’ is about how we fill our headspace with beautiful noise
and music to combat thoughts of loneliness. The line ‘From our beds into the
waves’ conjures up stormy dreams and memories. An ocean can be dangerous,
dark, and beautiful at the same time. Love can be those things as well.”

A rotating synth riff echoes British electro legends New Order and
is the beating heart of this new piece, yet the mood is meditative
and musing, strengthened by the near-whispering and eager vocals.
This darksome and soul-searching musing gets under your skin after
a couple of spins.

Buy/stream the track here…

EX-HYENA: Facebook

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