BELLE AND SEBASTIAN Support Ukrainian People With All Proceeds Of Their New Single ‘IF THEY’RE SHOOTING AT YOU’

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13 March 2022

Scottish dream-pop heroes BELLE AND SEBASTIAN just dropped a brand new song called IF THEY’RE SHOOTING AT YOU. A melancholic pearl released in support of the victims of the horrific war in Ukraine.

All proceeds of the song go to the Red Cross to help the Ukrainian people.

Stuart Murdoch (frontman/songwriter): “When the situation in Ukraine first started to happen it became clear that the lives of the people there, and probably ‘ours’ too, were never going to be the same. The band had just started rolling out tracks for our new album, and it
all felt a bit silly to be honest.

We had one track called “If They’re Shooting at You,” it’s a song about being lost, broken,
and under threat of violence. The key line is “If they’re shooting at you, kid, you must be doing something right. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and hope that their pain and suffering can be brought to a halt as soon as possible.

We think any way in which we can get behind Ukraine—politically, culturally, practically, spiritually—it must all add up in the end. Together we have to do what it takes to help Ukraine beat this tyranny. Please consider giving to the Disasters Emergency Committee, the Red Cross, or any other humanitarian charity involved in the crisis.”

The video is a series of images by photographers
who document the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Listen/watch here…


New album A Bit Of Previous out 6 May 2022

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