THE ROLLING STONES Only Play Rock ‘N’ Roll For The Rich And They Like It

14 March 2022

The imperishable rock phenomenons THE ROLLING STONES
will tour again this year to celebrate their 60th birthday as a band.
They just announced the Europe/UK dates. One of the shows is in
Brussels, Belgium (my home country).

Watch the decadent entrance prices. From 149 euro (125 £ / 163 USD)
to 489 EURO euro (411 £ / 536 USD). If you’re a youngster who wants to
see the legends you need to rob a bank first. I didn’t know that the price
of wheelchairs for old rockers is that expensive. Anyway, The Stones play
only rock ‘n’ roll for the rich and they like it.

Bloody money sharks


  1. hotfox63 · March 14

    Their business acumen is legendary. The high prices can be enforced because of the monopoly structures.

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    • JL · March 14

      After they were robbed for a long time by managers Mick Jagger/Allen Klein took care of business and made them all filthy rich

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      • hotfox63 · March 14

        I’m not going to the concert on June 17 at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern. That’s just too much money. For 489 Euro I can go on holiday or see 10-15 bands in smaller clubs. I already saw the Stones several times in the 70s, 80s and 90s and never paid more than 70 Euro.


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