Amazing Artwork! Cover Of Self-Titled Debut LP Of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT 50 Years Ago

Eye-catching album cover art

15 March 2022

Who: Legendary American rock band formed in Stony Brook, New York, in 1967 and still going. They releasd 15 albums so far with The Symbol Remains from 2020, as the most recent one.

Self-titled debut released 50 years ago this year (16 January).

Artwork: the cover shows futuristic architectural structures on the front by a graphic
artist called Bill Gawlick. In addition to the unique monochrome look of the front cover,
he innocently added a touch that became forever linked with the Blue Oyster Cult symbol
(see below).

The album’s (debut) single.
Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll

Smoking live version…

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: All Albums – Website

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