Happy 70 To HOWARD DEVOTO (Buzzcocks -Magazine)

15 March 2022

Howard Andrew Trafford, better known as HOWARD DEVOTO
was born on 15 March 1952 in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England.

Happy 70 to the singer-songwriter who started his musical career as
frontman of the fab Manchester pop punks Buzzcocks along the late
great Pete Shelley.

Devoto and Shelley came up with the name Buzzcocks
after reading the headline, ‘It’s the Buzz, Cock!‘, in a review
of the TV Series Rock Follies in Time Out magazine.

Devoto left in 1977 after the band released their sublime Spiral Scratch EP
and he formed the top-notch post punk band Magazine (1977-1981). They
fabricated 5 albums with their debut LP Real Life as their masterpiece.
Devoto also made one solo album (1983).

Three great Devoto moments…

– BREAKDOWN – (from Buzzcocks‘s Spiral Scratch EP)

(from third LP ‘The Correct Use Of Soap’)

– PARADE – (from Magazine‘s debut LP ‘Real Life‘)
(From the ebut album)

MAGAZINE: Facebook – All Albums

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