Boston Rockers SALEM WOLVES Break Sonic Grounds On Brand New Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 March 2022

(Photo Credit: Erin Patton)

Who: Hefty psychotronic
heathens from Boston, MA


Gray Bouchard (frontman) “It’s that feeling that you’re the last person
alive in a dangerous land, and that land is inside your own head. inspired
by Peter Murphy and the societal chaos around us, as well as the unnerving
feeling that no one is getting out of this mess.

Turn Up The Volume: This jagged jackhammer goes forth and back with
turbulent velocity. Imagine the full of vim and vigor intenseness and puissant
vocality of The Afghan Whigs. Anxious, unyielding and on fire.

Breaking Grounds races like a rush of blood to the head with screaming guitars
and propelling drum muscularity. On hearing this outburst images of the inhuman
war in Ukraine came to my mind. Fuck Putin.

Buy/stream Breaking Grounds here…

Also on Spotify


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