Monumental Voice LEE ROGERS Gears Up For New LP With Bluesy Ballad ‘LIFE AND LIES’

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17 March 2022


Who: Singer-songwriter from the small town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
His musical inspiration was drawn from classic voices outside of the tensions in
his homeland. Bill Withers, Marc Cohen, Tom Waits, and other great ones.

New album: GAMEBLOOD
Release: 13 May 2022

Lead single: LIFE AND LIES

Rogers: “A slightly cheeky, heartfelt ballad that everyone can relate to, about finding
love and just a little light in the darkest places. Sometimes we just need to get ourselves
to a place where we aren’t afraid to look.” Its excellent video was shot in a Belfast bar,
which he adds was “the perfect setting. The fun part is I was genuinely drunk during
the shooting, so there was little acting needed.”

Turn Up The Volume: Last November this natural-born North Irish singer from
aroused my ears with his soul-stirring 6-track EP Dark Notions, which includes
a stripped-down the bone cover of the Bee Gees‘ blockbuster hit Stayin’ Alive.

On this new mixed-emotions single his sky-reaching voice is the star again. It’s an emotional and bluesy reflection. Wurlitzer jukeboxes should be reinvented for these heartbreakers so moody minds can cry their eyes out (or cry in their beer) at night in
a downtown bar where lonely ones gather and muse about life and lies.

This one is for all barflies out there…

LEE ROGERS: Facebook – Website

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