Canadian One-Man Act AGATH CRIST About Life’s Struggle On Single ‘BLOOD’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 March 2022

Who: The project of a Canadian
musician from Quebec.

“A time-traveling, shape-shifting, meta-force, slipping between genres and
styles while blowing up drum busses and pushing the boundaries of melody
and noise.”

New single/video: BLOOD

“We’re told to fight. We’re told to kill each other to get what we want. We’re polarised and set into a ring and prodded into engaging in bloodsport. We’re being turned into narcissists and psychopaths and our attention is being monopolised at a savage and unrelenting pace. This new single is the sound of this struggle, set against towering synthesisers and driven ever onward by Liam O’Neill [SUUNS] on drums.”

Turn Up The Volume: A poppy synth trip with a floating flow and near-whispering vocals. Both eerie and affecting, both dizzy and hypnotic with a frenetic guitar attack coming out of nowhere around the 3-minute mark. Fascinating stuff!

Catch the vibe here…

AGATH CRIST: Bandcamp – Facebook

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