Pithy Passion On Repeat With PORRIDGE RADIO In Brussels

17 March 2022

PORRIDGE RADIOLe Botanique, Brussels16 March 2022

Finally after 2 years of canceled gigs (fuck you, corona) Brighton’s exhilarative
indie rockers PORRIDGE RADIO landed in Brussels to play several crackers from
their formidable 2020 longplayer EVERY BAD. With standout belters Born Confused, Give/Take, Long and Circling we got the best of the best of that LP.

Add the ablaze power of 7 Seconds, the feverish flow of new single Back To The Radio and the first hearing of a couple of new ones from the upcoming album ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky’ and you have all the emotive ingredients for a memorable concert. And it was nothing less than that.

The high-strung voice of Dana Margolin is the shiny star in the middle. Hands down. Several Poprridge Radio songs have a similar structure. They start moody and meditative and work their way to an overwhelming climax. From sonic foreplay to sonic orgasm in 3 minutes, and over and over again. Margolin‘s pitchy passion comes and goes like ebb and flow with incredible potency. You need a breather at times to be able to absorb all full-of-life puissance on stage. I’m sure that Margolin kicks one of her demons out of her system with every gig.

She looks like a boyish angel with female wings, she smiles endearingly
and she puts all her psyche in her songs and her vocality.

The whole band is authentic. They’re not technically trained musicians (as if that matters), they follow their confused hearts and their sweet souls and turn multi-layered studio versions of their songs into a raw experience on the podium. And it feels so real. Top gig.

Here’s an idea of their impressive impact on a stage….


Born Confused
Good for You
Back to the Radio
7 Seconds



Order info for new album here. Out 7 May.

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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