German Songstress ANIQO Impresses With Her New Poignant Album – From ‘BIRTH’ To Rebirth

21 March 2022

Artist: ANIQO
Who: Anita Goß aka ANIQO comes from deep family roots in Wismar (Germany)
on the Baltic coast. She bridges the gap between today’s indie, rock & pop and
the best of the post-punk and new wave era.

New album: BIRTH

“BIRTH stands at the beginning of everything that started 6 years ago as ANIQO.
It’s not only a personal liberation but also a message to face life with hope: “I decided
I didn’t want to be in the darkness anymore. I want to be in the light. I want to hope.
I want to get back up after the deep pain. So I direct the glimpse of hope out of the
darkness – into the light!”

Turn Up The Volume: You’ll feel shivers going down your spine
on several occasions on this wholehearted album with cathartic
musings like Birth, Go On and The Sea.

Her touching and expressive voice balances somewhere between
the vulnerable, nicotine-injected timbre of Marianne Faithfull ((Deep
Sea Fish / Balance
) and the gripping poignancy of PJ Harvey (Vivre
Libre / Love Life

Masterly songwriting all the way.

Aniqo re-experiences her destressing turmoil of the past, but looks
forward to that liberating light at the end of a long tunnel. From birth
to rebirth. A spellbinding and spiritual record.

Singles (and flabbergasting clips): Vivre Libre / Balance /
Fear / Deep Sea Fish / Must Surrender



– FEAR –



Buy/stream BIRTH here…

ANIQO: Website – Instagram

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