Welsh Heroes FEEDER Shoot Loud And Clear On New 11th Album ‘TORPEDO’

22 March 2022

Who: Welsh rockers who started their journey in 1994
and produced 11 studio albums (including the new one)

New album: TORPEDO
Released: 18 March 2022 via Big Teeth Music
Order info: here

LOUDER THAN WAR says: “Written and recorded remotely during the darkest days
of lockdown, it’s shot through with a paranoiac sense of urgency. Packed with musical
curve balls – a gnarly title track slaloms from thrash dirge to stadium anthem, the album’s
redemptive mode is summed up by The Healing, a Britpop-meets-grunge banger that serves
as a reminder that Feeder are still at their peak.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Big, melodious tunes shot through a giant cannon towards
your Herculean-rock addicted ears. Loud and clear as we know the restless Welsh
rockin’ heroes. A holy bloody magnum record!

Singles/clips: Torpedo / Magpie / Wall Of Silence




Stream full album…

Grant Nicholas (frontman: “We are really looking forward to going out on the road again and playing the new album material. This will be the heaviest Feeder set we’ve played in a while so can’t wait. We may revisit some heavier old school Feeder classics also and touch on some Renegades and All Bright electric stuff.”

FEEDER: Facebook – All Albums

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