Big Glam Bang Gang SKID ROW Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World

28 March 2022

Who: Legendary glam metal rockers from Toms River, New Jersey
Active: 1986–1996, 1999–present / 5 studio LPs (including new one)

Out: 14th October 2022 via earMusic

“The Gang’s All Here” is an oath of triumph, exploding with powerful energy
that makes us hunger for more. It is the logical next-generation leap of the
band’s trademark sound that stomps out new ground – with singer Erik
Grönwall (formerly of H.E.A.T, one of the best frontmen of this or any
hard rock era) joining the family.

The early big hair days

Seems like the Skid Row veterans want to keep rockin’ in their
gang world with a new singer (Erik Grönwall replacing ZP Heart),
a new album (October) and the fresh release of the title track.

They don’t look the same anymore (less hair) but still sound the same.
Huge wall-of-rowdy glam rock with the pipes of new vocalist Grönwall
dominating in the middle. Of course, there’s the obligatory guitar solo
and the chorus is one the fans will scream along out loud on Row‘s
upcoming tour

Crank it up to 11…

SKID ROW: Facebook – Instagram

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