THE LOSERS CLUB Score A Winner With Wham Bam Punk Slam ‘RADIO FACES’

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30 March 2022

(Photo Credit: Chris Tracy @Christracyphoto)

Who: Fervid rock trio from Denver, Colorado, who found
common ground outside of a casino bathroom in Las Vegas. Nice!

New single: RADIO FACES
One of three singles the 3-piece recorded so far.

Turn Up The Volume: Combine the head over heels speed of Blink 182, the steamy
punk heat of Green Day, and the rapid-fire roars of The Offspring and you’ll end up with
a full-blooded club of ear-splitting winners.

I’m sure these three Denver gunslingers aim to become a member of that heavyweight club. With their new wham bam slam Radio Faces they prove that they already learned some tricks from those Big Three.

Start with writing a ridiculously glutinous tune with a vociferous chorus so that everybody can scream their lungs to pieces, then record it with lunatic guitars, manic drums, and freaked-out clamor, and last but not least… PLAY IT BLOODY LOUD for your fans!

The losers are about ready to win.

Let’s go bananas, folks…

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