Listen Up! Three-Engined Hotrod EXCUSES EXCUSES Believe We Can Win

New striking strokes

5 April 2022

(Credit: Sandra Lee Layden)

Who: Rowdy rawk ‘n roll trio
from Ontario, Canada

New single: LISTEN UP!

The song is “inspired by the struggles we all face trying to achieve the goals
we set for ourselves in life. Whether that goal is to become a movie star, or
simply just to get out of bed that day, we can always find the strength inside
to persevere no matter how tough or daunting things may seem.”

Turn Up The Volume: Picture/hear this. The nail-hammering exuberance
of Fall Out Boy and the speedy get-up-and-go dynamism of NOFX and you
should know what to expect from this three-engined hotrod from Ontario.

No brakes, no breaks, only an earthquake. They believe and steam fast forward
to win. We all should do, and most of all the tremendously brave people of Ukraine
right now, so they can stop that war-fucking-criminal Putin and his ruthless Red Army.

Listen up, all you god people out there, in this troubled world!
Get up, stand up and fight for your right to be free….

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