6 April 1973 – DAVID BOWIE Released UK Top 3 Single ‘DRIVE-IN SATURDAY ‘

Great singles from the past

6 April 2022

The song was released as a single on
6 April 1973, 49 years ago today.

B-side: Round And Round.

It featured on his sixth LP Aladin Sane.

It reached #3 on the UK singles chart. The lyrics name-checked
Mick Jagger (‘When people stared in Jagger’s eyes and scored’), 60s
model Twiggy (‘She’d sigh like Twig the wonder kid’), and psychiatrist
Carl Jung (‘Jung the foreman prayed at work’).

His name was always buddy (got got do ah aah aah)
And he’d shrug and ask to stay
She’d sigh like twig the wonder kid (got got do ah)
And turn her face away

Drive, genius…

DAVID BOWIE: Facebook – Website

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