No Brakes No Breaks With MONOKINO And His New Bolide Single ‘BABY’

New striking strokes

8 April 2022

(photo by Philip Reed)

Who: The project of enigmatic Dutch pop composer and visual artist
George van Wetering who currently resides between Nanjing, Shanghai,
and Amsterdam
. His sound is an exhilarating, eccentric explosion of
driving alternative-rock guitars, off-kilter electronica, and devilishly
unadulterated pop.

He has two albums to his credit.
Debut Fake Future (2013) and Human Error (2009)

New single: BABY

Monokino: “I saw myself driving a racing car, singing ‘Baby’ in this Billy Idol kind of way.
I was never enough for someone who claimed that I was her one and only. She often wanted
to be alone, but when I was gone, it was not good either. Some days I was too feminine, other days just too masculine. People like Billy – in a speeding car – would have let go a long time
ago already for sure.”

Turn Up The Volume: It’s full steam ahead from the kick-off with this rollicking ripper.
No brakes, no breaks for this blistering bolide. Hair in the wind, foot on the pedal, going nowhere fast. Oh yeah, baby! Hungry guitars, Idolesque vocals, magnetic melody. Don’t look sad if you’re alone at home, you can dance with yourself to this pick-me-up thrill.

Right here, right now…

The video is created by van Wetering, made entirely of ASCII characters and
has a stylistic kind of retro-futurism perfectly befitting of his sound.

MONOKINO: Instagram – Facebook

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