Garage R & B With STEREOBABE And Their Desert Road Trip Cracker ‘TUMBLEWEED’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

15 April 2022

Who: Rollin’ duo Leann Banks (bass/singer) from
(The Von Bondies) and Guitarist/Singer
Ted Lamont (Blasternaut) from Windsor, Ontario

New single: TUMBLEWEED

Stereobabe: “While in pandemic lockdown, we started jamming a riff together.
We ultimately thought the word ‘Tumbleweed’ fit really well, and gave us a lyrical
direction to take the song. It also gave us a direction to drive! So, we finished
writing the song and started planning a road trip to the American southwest to
film the video.”

Turn Up The Volume: A rattling riff opens this Jon Spencer like garage cracker and
rumbles on throughout. Tumbleweed is made to play out loud on your car stereo while driving on the highway, hair in the wind, enjoying the hot desert sun. Classic rhythm and blues rockers need to look cool, sound cool, move with a cool swagger, and have cool tunes. Stereobabe have it all.

Start clapping your hands here…

STEREOBABE: Spotify – Facebook

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