TESS PARKS Shared 3rd Piece From Her New LP – Hear Rollicksome Ripsnorter ‘DO YOU PRAY?’ Here

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16 April 2022

Who: Toronto born, London based singer-songwriter
Active: Since 2013. One solo album and two collaborative
ones with Anton Newcombe, the mastermind of psych squad
The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


The title refers to a quote by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by
those who could not hear the music.”

Out: 22 April 2022 via Fuzz Records

New single: DO YOU PRAY?

Tess Parks: “My friend Annie just asked me one day out of the blue, “Do you pray?”,
and I thought, “Wow, yes I love that and yes I do, every day.” The song is a mix of two traditionals: “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” and “When The Saints Go Marching In.”

This is the 3rd shared piece from the upcoming album. A rollicksome ripsnorter
pushed by a one-note, boogie-woogie piano touch (played by Parks‘ father on her grandfather’s piano – wow, that’s cool) that I can’t get out of my head anymore after
a couple of spins. I can’t get her husky, sensual voice out of my mind either, but that’s already been for several years now.

Let’s all pray together…

All three shared singles together here on Spotify…


TESS PARKS: Facebook

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