Chrushing Japanse Punkettes OTOBOKE BEAVER Race Unstoppable Again With ‘YAKITORI’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 April 2022

Band: OTOBOKE BEAVER – おとぼけビ~バ~
Who: All-female riot grrl group from Kyoto, Japan
Active: Since 2099 – 3 (new one included)

New album: SUPER CHAMPON – スーパーチャンポン
Release: 6 May 2022 – order info here

New single: YAKITORI おとぼけビ~バ~
The fourth shared cut from the forthcoming LP

TURN UP THE VOLUME: As I said before, compared to these sharp-teethed
punkettes the Ramones sound like choirboys. Otobeke Beaver is
an unstoppable mean scream machine. Fuzzing and buzzing, smashing and
clashing, movin’ and groovin’.

YAKITORI is another very loud and very clear example of their post-hardcore-punk
bravado. After a funky flow start, this badass belter speeds up like an explosive and
volcanic fireball. Watch out, people, these riot rebels make your head rotate 360
degrees and they have no mercy whatsoever for your ears.

Holy crushing smoke!

Turn up the heat…

OTOBOKE BEAVER: Facebook – Instagram

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