Colorado Tandem THE IMPLIERS Make You Happy-Go-Lucky With ‘I PROMISE’

New striking strokes

21 April 2022

Band: THE IMPLIERS (Denver, Colorado)
Who: Psychedelic alt/indie duo making original music for the future from the bones of the present. The songwriting and production duo of multi-instrumentalists Dan and Charles is currently emerging from the Denver underground, riding a sound wave crafted from oddly-tuned guitars, textured synths, electronic beats, pumping bass and complex Beach Boys level vocal harmonies.

New single: I PROMISE

“The song is about broken and empty promises that’s told through the music, using
the music to tell the real story and the vocals to represent the empty words. As the
song goes on, the music and vocals become morphed. Their layering paints a picture
of how promises evolve, that sometimes they mean well and then become something
that doesn’t resemble the original.”

Turn Up The Volume: My feet got activated from the kick-off, my ears started to vibrate and both my feet and ears didn’t stop doing what they did until the last second. Don’t get puzzled by the song’s story, I promise you that this amplified and melodic pop tune sticks like first-class glue the way you like it. All you need to happy-go-lucky.

Let’s roll


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