Montana Rockers KING ROPES Announce New Album And Get ‘GREEDY’

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26 April 2022

(Image Credit: Courtney Fitzpatrick)

Who: Flaming indie rock trio
from Montana, US

New album: SUPER NATURAL – the band’s 5th longplayer
Out: 26 May 2022 – Pre-save here

New single: GREEDY

Dave Hollier (singer/songwriter): “‘I’m getting greedy, I want that other one hanging there just out of reach.’ I felt like I was on a roll creatively writing songs, tapped into wherever they seem to come from, and I wanted more. That’s where that first line came from. Then, in a stream of consciousness sort of way, started tapping into memories and stories… Years ago living in Brooklyn, going to the Mermaid Parade which had a proto hipster/freakshow/burning man via NYC/kid friendly strip club kind of vibe, which always seemed to be the hottest week of the year. A guy who used to work with me who always had great stories and great nicknames for the people in them; my friends Cate and Serafina driving up to MT from Santa Fe to come to our show on Cate’s birthday”

Turn Up The Volume: Lazy mid-tempo rippers like these make me leave my lazy couch,
go to the fridge, take an ice-cold beer, return to the couch, and have a sip while putting
my feet on the little table in front.

Get the mood, people? That Wilco mood, you know. Eyes closed, head in the clouds, just enjoying the moment and the cool guitar play. Be careful, don’t get too greedy and don’t open that fridge too many times

Whatever, let’s have another beer and roll the tape…

KING ROPES: Facebook – More Ropes Spotify

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